About Us

Men are often the sufferers when it comes to grooming! Why? Do you remember years ago how men had no choice when it came to their grooming, how the market was flooded with limited products which didn’t incite any desire in most of the men to buy it! 

Men are now breaking the monotonous grooming standards of having a clean shave and are growing a full fledged beard, mooch and are experimenting with their hair! In order to experiment with a full fledged beard, mooch or hair, you will need some products which will help in growing them and only then you can experiment! 

To help you in experimenting with your beard, mooch and hair, we at Veer-Appan have formulated and produced high quality, natural based men’s grooming products which will not only take care of your skin but will also take care of the growth of your beard, mooch as well as hair and scalp and give you many ways to experiment and style as you like it!

About Veer-appan


What's in the name?


Tagline to live by

“Be your own hero”

Heroes don’t exist in a certain way but they exist in many ways, so just be yourself and live the life of a hero on your own good terms! 

Don’t try to be like someone else, be yourself, be your own hero!